The UDP team has a long and successful reputation in being able to assist in asset management, asset replacement and renewal, particularly in the water and wastewater industry. 

We also have strength in facility management in the Government and mineral processing areas. UDP can provide complete electrical engineering solutions to government and industry clients due to our extensive experience in this field.

UDP has the in-house capability to provide Government and industry clients with business analysis and modeling of important projects for the consideration of financiers, equity partners or treasury.  We can assist in formulation of Government and company policy to progress projects, and we structure our modeling to our clients’ needs.

UDP can lead or assist in all areas of engineering support, including drafting and design, benchmarking, technical writing, project management, process analysis, Contract Superintendent roles, certification inspections, expert witness, staff secondment and engineering advice. We have a unique understanding of the functions of all levels of government, and can tailor company policies, management plans or actions plans to your compliance needs. We are Townsville’s premier heritage engineers.

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